• aliedow

I’m a Pitch Wars Mentor!

I’m so excited to say that Mel Howard and I will be co-mentoring in Pitch Wars this year!! When the wishlists go up next month, please do consider us :))))

You may be asking what Pitch Wars is, right? It’s a mentoring program where aspiring authors submit their stories to mentors, and the mentors select a project. After four months of revisions and learning from each other, there’s an agent showcase. The manuscript is pitched on the Pitch Wars site, and agents get to read them and request! How awesome is that?

Last year, I submitted to 6 really cool mentors. But I didn’t get in. Wah, wah…yet the community was so kind and amazing that I kept engaging anyway. I got help with my query and pitches, and made new friends. A few weeks after, I pitched my book at PitMad and received several agent offers! I could not have done that, or felt nearly as confident as I did, without Pitch Wars. So for me, I’m really grateful to be a part of this community in a capacity where I can use my experience (and whooo boy did I learn some things over the past year) to help someone on this publishing journey.

Here is my mentor bio: Alechia Dow! And here is my co-mentor’s bio: Mel Howard.

Yayyy! Anyway, see you all back here for the WISHLIST post! Good luck to anyone entering


Designed and illustrated by Danika Corrall