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I’m now offering my services as a beta reader for Middle Grade, and Young Adult fiction, and can offer sensitivity in the following areas:

  • Biracial/Black

  • Mental illness, specifically anxiety/depression

  • Chronic illness

  • fat

  • Ace spectrum

My experience: I’m an agented Young Adult writer, and published food critic. I’ve edited over twenty-five manuscripts last year, fifty queries, and hundreds of pitches for online contests. I’m also a Pitch Wars mentor! But most importantly, I’m a former Young Adult librarian; I’ve seen how books affect young readers, especially ones featuring bad representation. Thus, I believe I can help you shape your stories in a way that leaves a positive impact on your reader, and increases the likelihood of further reads!

***I will do my best to kindly point out the flaws in your representation. The use of unintended slurs, microaggressions, stereotypes, and harmful characterizations. I will not fix or edit your book, these are your words and your voice! But I can help your book be a positive reading experience for children. That said, I may not catch every instance of problematic language (although I will certainly try), so it is always recommended to have more than one sensitivity reader. If you would like, I can offer suggestions for an additional reader.

It should be noted that: While I will comment extensively and thoughtfully on the negative representation in your work, I do not speak for all people who share my identities. Sensitivity readers do their utmost to make sure your book is ready to be shared among the world, but they cannot make your book free from criticism—no one can. Nor should they be used as a tool to discourage discourse regarding your representation. Hiring me as a sensitivity reader will not be an endorsement of your work, but I will aim to be as constructive and positive as possible.



  • $250 for books that fall between 50-75k words

  • $300 for 75-100k

I will be provide in-line comments and highlights within your manuscript. You can also expect a 1-2 page edit letter offering resources and possible solutions going forward. This is a one-time read-through! If you change your books to adapt to the feedback I provide, there will be a smaller, additional cost for me to re-read. I also write books, work, and take care of a family. My time is important to me, but I do want more books featuring great rep too!


Before you submit: 

  • Your manuscript should be submission-level ready. While I do edit books, I’m not offering those services at this time. I can, of course, suggest editors for you, if you are looking! And also, if you need a critique partner, I highly recommend Wendy Heard’s CP Matching site found here.

  • Payment is necessary before I read. I use PayPal and will provide you with the details after our initial contact.

  • My turnaround time is 2-4 weeks. These times may vary based on my workload, which I will note when you contact me!

  • Please use the contact box to reach out to me! I’d love to know: word count, genre, blurb, what I should be looking out for, and how else I can be of service to you.


What I’m not interested in reading: suicide, sexual assault, or fat hate. What I’d love is if you could include your content warnings in the initial contact so that I can be the best match for you.

Do you have questions while drafting? I may be able to help on a case by case basis for a small fee as well. We can certainly discuss that

Thanks for reading, and please let me know if you have any questions!

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